Squirrel's RecipeML Archive

Welcome to my RecipeML archive! The 10000 recipes in this archive are all in RecipeML format, an XML standard for sharing recipes. As far as I know, they are all in the public domain (please email me if you find any copyright violations here). I am providing this archive to help promote RecipeML and to give RecipeML developers a large supply of examples.

To use the archive, click on one of the links below. The links ending in .zip download zip files, each containing 100 RecipeML files; to unpack the files, use standard programs like 7-zip (on Windows) or unzip (on Unix, usually distributed with the operating system). The Index links take you to indexes for the individual zip files, showing the titles of the recipes in the zip files.

The recipes in this archive come originally from Glen Hosey's huge archive of MealMaster recipes, which he in turn collected from many email lists in the 1990s. Visit Glen's site to get the other 150,000 recipes in the archive!

A recipe in RecipeML format is not terribly useful to a human - you usually need a computer program to format the recipe for people to look at. You can use Cascading Style Sheets to do this through your browser (see the RecipeML site for an example) or a recipe-management program.

I know of two recipe-management programs currently able to read RecipeML files: LargoRecipes, a Java program I wrote, and Mango, a C++ program by Roland Jesse. Download either of these programs to help you manage recipes you get here - both are free! By the way, LargoRecipes has a bulk translation feature that I used to generate the recipes in this archive from Glen's original MealMaster files.

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